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International Year of Biodiversity (IYB)

International Year of Biodiversity (IYB)
Human activity is causing the diversity of life on Earth to be lost at a greatly accelerated rate. These losses are irreversible, impoverish us all and threaten the living networks and support systems our lives depend on.

The 2010 International Year of Biodiversity (IYB), is a special year declared by the United Nations to help raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity all over the world. It is an opportunity to:

- stress the importance of biodiversity for our well-being;
- reflect on our achievements to safeguard biodiversity;
- encourage a redoubling of our efforts to reduce the rate of biodiversity loss.

The 2010 IYB is promoting some important messages. First, humans are part of nature’s rich diversity and have the power to protect or destroy it. Second, biodiversity is essential for sustaining the life support systems that provide us all with health, wealth, food, fuel and the vital services we rely on every day. Third, human activity is causing the diversity of life on Earth to be lost at an alarming rate; but we can prevent this loss. And fourth, we have made some achievements to preserve biodiversity but we need to do much more and we must act urgently.

GSA-USA is proud to be an official partner of IYB and add our voice to these powerful messages. Through our efforts promoting environmental awareness and action through sports, we can help to safeguard the integrity of life on earth. We strongly encourage our network of members and allies to learn more and get involved!

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