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G-ForSE 2001

G-ForSE 2001
Title: Global Forum for Sports and Environment (G-ForSE) 2001
Date: 2 November 2001
Place: Aoyama Spiral Hall
Organized: NPO Global Sports Alliance (GSA), United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP)
Supported by: International Olympic Committee (IOC)
Sports and Environment CommitteeFederation International de Volleyball (FIVB)

GSA and IOC Sport and Environment Commission Signing Ceremony
Dr. Pal Schmitt, the Chairman of the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Sport and Environment Commission, and Mr. Tadashi Yamamoto, Chairman of the Non-profit organization Global Sports Alliance (GSA), signed a cooperation agreement in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding. The IOC Sport and Environment Commission, UNEP and GSA will work together to implement the "Olympic Movement's AGENDA 21" for Sports and Environment. This includes the establishment of Global Standards on Sports and Environment through G-ForSE.

Panel Discussion
Theme: Sports and the Environment
The afternoon discussion panelists included Masako Unoura of the United Nations University of Advanced Studies, Toru Kikuchi, a former sailboat racer turned marine environmentalist, Dr. Jack T. Moyer, a marine ecologist and President of the Oceanic Wildlife Society, and Dr. Tatsuo Okada, Executive Director of Global Sports Alliance (GSA)..

According to Marine Biologist, Jack T. Moyer, coral is the forest of the sea, but it will cease to exist within 30 years if present conditions continue. Rising sea levels and ocean temperature were among the grave concerns raised in a shocking report of the current state of the oceans and of the human misconception that the sea is a giant dumping ground where even simple objects, such as a disposable lighter, can become a deadly weapon, if swallowed by a small animal. He suggested that if people come into direct contact with nature, they can develop a respect and love for the environment, and creating this opportunity is especially important for children. Toru Kikuchi suggests we can learn much by looking at the land from the position of the ocean. In Japan we see a coastline that has been built on over 80-percent of its length, with polluted water running out from its many rivers. He points to the work of municipalities such as in Fukuoka that are promoting an ocean environment where microorganisms can flourish and have a cleaning action on the surrounding sea. Masako Unoura of the United Nations University of Advanced Studies suggested we stop thinking of garbage as garbage, but as raw materials for reuse and stresses the importance of increasing awareness among top management of businesses and government. Panel coordinator, Tatsuo Okada emphasized the importance of developing links between government, business citizens and NPOs in order to yield more tangible results, but equally stressed the importance of action on an individual basis.

Eco-Concert: GAIA Symphony
G-ForSE 2001 offered the chance to understand and appreciate environmental issues through sports by showing "GAIA SYMPHONY No.4" during the forum. "GAIA SYMPHONY No.4" is the first version of GAIA SYMPHONY to be made in the 21st century, and the father of "GAIA theory", British scientist James Lovelock, was present at the screening in Tokyo.

Dr. James Lovelock (Scientist)Mr. Gerry Lopez (Legend Surfer)Dr. Jane Goodall (Pioneering Chimpanzee Researcher)Mr. Bokunen (Naka Engraver)

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What is RECYCL’art? Part of the G-ForSE 2001 program, RECYCL’art (formerly known as Sport Lover’s Art) is an exhibition of art made from recycled sports equipment. Athletes supporting the event included Hideki Matsui of the Yomiuri Giants (currently with the NY Yankees) and Kouji Murofushi, a Japanese Olympic Hammer Thrower. Under a theme of "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle", many top Japanese artists lent their talents to the exhibition, which went on public display during G-ForSE 2001.

RECYCL’art (2 November - 4 November)
Place: PF Spiral Garden
Artists: Tetsuya Kawa, Risa Satoh, Noriaki Hayashi, h.o etc.
Support: Japanese Olympic Hammer Thrower/ Kouji Murofushi (GSA navigator)Yomiuri Giants/ Hideki Matsui, Tokyo Verdi 1969, Seibu Lions etc.